From The Farm!

San Francisco Gardens produces some of the most beautiful and exotic Hydrangeas, Callas, Aster and Gerberas in the world. Our ideal location, only a few minutes from the airport, means we are able to provide the freshest possible flowers for our clients. We grow all kinds of Hydrangeas, from the basic White, Blue and baby green to Natural Purple, Lavender, Light Purple, Lemon, Antique Blue, Antique White, Jumbo White and Jumbo blue, also we grow beautiful Callas Lilys , as well as Gerbers in 7 different main colours Consumer Bunches: Here at San Francisco Gardens, we are always looking at ways to exceed our clients and their client’s needs, so we are proud to offer direct consumer bunches ready to ship, that will be enjoyed by the end client. Simply give us an idea of what you need and we’ll take care of everything.